Bloom individual flowers on your eyes with

NEICHA will give a direction of the way to better beauty by offering a differntiated service with the best quality eyelashes and care products.
NEIGE(pure) + CHARMANT (adorable & beautiful)

NEICHA means PURE BEAUTY which is a compound world with NEIGE(pure) and CHARMANT(adorable & beautiful) from French, this brand will add more pure and clean beauty based on your original beauty.





The excellent beauty

Excellent is a progressive brand that pursues only the highest quality offering the best products and beauty to our customers.

Elegant design of “EXCELLENT” brand comes from combination of X & C letters together which emphasizes the Eternity beauty.





Sweet and beautiful life

Brand DV was created to express deep and sweet beauty of the eyes. It has various products for the eyelashes.
DV means sweet life,

DV means sweet life,the combination of D & V letters are implementation of sweet beauty in your life.





Elegant charm and joy

Beautiful to you, beautiful to be charming and happy.

LAENiTA is a combination of Latin words ‘lætítĭa: joy, gladness, pleasure, charm’ and ‘amœ́nĭtas: charm, delight, elegant’.A brand wishing you not only beauty but also elegan charm and delight.





A required selection for a long lasting beauty!

Her elegance, expressed in voluminous eyelashes. PULUK completes it.

Extended eyelashes last longer and keep the natural eyelashes healthier and richer, making beautiful and healthy eyes.





The beauty of balance and harmony

NOHJ is a company specialized in mask sheets only.we committed to place a high value of the balance and harmony to every single drop of essence and every single sheet of mask
Balance & Harmony

Nature - Originated Ingredients & Healthy Joyful Life





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